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Greetings Commander!

Welcome to Lunar Commander online!

Please have a look at the instructions below the game screen. Enjoy the game!

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How to play

Use the Arrow keys + Enter or the mouse to select an option or level to play.

When flying, use the Arrow keys or WASD keys to fire your thrusters. Remember, pressing left will propel your ship to the right.


There are power-ups available to assist you in your journey.

Stop - X key
Stops the ship in its tracks. Very useful if you're heading towards certain disaster!

Fuel - F key
Refuels the rocket to 100%. Some missions require a refill or two in order to complete the mission.

Auto-land - L key
Lands the ship on the landing pad immediatly. One mission requires you use this power-up.

Trading Post

You can purchase power-ups in the Trading Post with the crates you have delivered.


The "Settings" screen (accessible from the first screen) has options to invert the controls and turn on mouse control. You can also adjust the sound and switch which ship you are flying (after unlocking them by finding collectible items).

Mouse Control

With mouse control, clicking on the left of the ship fires the left thruster, under the ship the center and right the right thruster. You can still use the arrow keys even if you have turned on mouse control.

If you click close to the left side of the ship you will fire both the left and the bottom thruster. If you click close to the right side of the ship you will fire the right and bottom thruster. If you click on the ship directly you will fire all three of the thrusters (this slows you down in a hurry!).


Landing can be a bit tricky! You need to slow your ship down so that the horizontal and vertical indicators show that it is safe to land. Earlier levels are more forgiving. Moving platforms require that you match the horizontal or vertical speed closely in the direction the pad is moving!

Watch this quick tutorial on how to land safely:


Lunar Commander was written by John Wagner and Jackson Wagner and marketted by Martin Wagner.

Please support our efforts by purchasing either the iOS (iPad/iPad/iPhone) or Android version of the game in their respective stores (links are in the game above).